Ukulele Chord Kumu

iOS App (now defunct) developed for a client that allowed for tuning and helped with learning the Ukulele.

Ukulele Chord Kumu – Your ukulele chord companion!

Do you play ukulele? Us too! That’s why we made Ukulele Chord Kumu, the ultimate ukulele player’s companion! Ukulele Chord Kumu transforms your tattered old chord book into a mobile, easy to use application for the iPhone that puts a beautiful ukulele chord chart literally at your fingertips. But this isn’t your Dad’s chord chart, it features over 100 chords displayed stylishly on a virtual uke with their fingerings! No more guessing, no more bad habits! Chord Kumu is also perfect for lefties, it automatically reverses the strings and fingerings for every chord with the push of a button!

If you’re like us, the only thing you use more than your chord chart is your pitch pipe. Ukulele Chord Kumu has a solution, a built in pitch pipe! Naturally the pitch pipe was also updated, and just like your bluetooth, it is now handsfree! Just tap the string you wish to tune, and the reference note will play in a loop every 2 seconds automatically, freeing up your hands to strum and tune.

Over 100 chords displayed
Proper fingering diplayed for every chord
Left Handed mode!
Built in handsfree GCEA Tuner

Ukulele Chord Kumu is a must have for all ukulele/iPhone users! It will expand your chord vocabulary, teach you proper fingering for every chord, and simplify your life when it comes time tune your ukulele! Visit to see a demo of the app and for news about the updates!

Made in Hawaii, ‘Kumu’ is the Hawaiian word for ‘teacher’.

Video Demo

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