Love Taps

Built iOS Application for a client, this (now defunct) App allowed a user to decide whether or not they should (and when they should) call back their crush to avoid seeming like they were too interested, or not interested enough.

Love Taps assists men and women in navigating those unpredictable first six weeks of any new relationship where the “rules of the game” are in full effect. We’ve all been in this situation, and we’ve all screwed it up. We’ve texted too soon, too much, or not often enough. We’ve sent that facebook friend request just a tad too early, or for some people, have become total facebook stalkers. We’ve posted something on someone’s wall that we thought was cute at the time, but looking back, we realize was truly stupid.This application helps a user determine whether they should contact the person they’re interested in. It allows the user to select from three types of “love taps” — a text message, a facebook contact, or a phone call. Based on the type of contact the user wants to initiate, the application guides them through a series of questions based on the “rules of the game,” and tells them based on their responses whether they should contact their love interest or not. Although we can’t claim or guarantee perfect success, this application will definitely improve your odds of keeping the object of your affection interested and around long enough to get to know you and see how kick-ass you are.


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