A labor of love.  Originally shipped as a companion app for the now defunct game “GoWalla” — This was the tool for helping you find missing items and utilized the apps generous public API.  When the GoWalla concept was revitalized as “Wallabee” the App was rebuilt to use the new API and work with the new game.  Available in App Store (free).

An unofficial free companion app to the addictive game “WallaBee”. It’s purpose is to help you quickly complete your collection.

* Find all nearby missing items (Including uniques!)
* Find all nearby improved items
* Find all missing / improved items in the Market
* Set minimum improvements, maximum market spending to better control which items you are interested in.
* Quick Jump feature — Shows you what to get and with a tap takes you right into the WallaBee place where you can collect the items!
* Map search! Systematically search for any missing, improved, TD, DD or SD items!
* Number Inspector – Find out all there is to know about a specific number and where it’s lies
* Trade maker – Draw up a list of items that would make good trades for another user
* Item Finder – Learn the disposition of any specific item
* Stability and configuration improvements


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