Another labor of love, app made to provide useful tools and functionality to players (like myself) of Pokémon go.  Also a good opportunity to code in Swift, and experiment with the new CloudKit / Notification API’s.  Available in the App Store.

Why the App Icon is a fucking squirrel.

Currently the app is feature frozen (no new features) as there are many other great apps out there now.

PokéBelt is a tool belt for the compulsive Pokémon Go Player. Current “Pouches” include:

* Battle Comparison – See what types you should choose to get the best advantage in a fight!
* Server Status – Community reports, know and report when the servers are up / down / unstable
* Pokéstop / Gym map — Shared map! Automatically syncs among all users of the application and all your devices, add stops and gyms as you find them to help create the most comprehensive Pokémon stop map yet!
* Chat – Chat with nearby and global Pokémon players in real time!
* Now with 100% more Squirrel!!

Features pouring out as fast as we can get them through review!

PokéBelt is an independent application and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Niantic Inc, Pokémon Company, or Nintendo Inc.


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